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Sultana Grapes

Sultana grapes overview

Sultana (also knowns as kishmish by the locals) is an ancient seedless variety of grapes, round to oval in shape and with medium ripening period. Over 60 varieties of Sultana grapes exist, which vary in color from white (pale green) to black to golden yellow. They are believed to have originated in Central Asia and Middle East. Apparently developed from seed varieties of oriental geographic group. Medium-sized rounded three- or five-lobbed leaves and telianthous flowers. The fruit forms medium-sized, cylindrical to cone-shaped clusters on brittle grassy branches, each cluster weighing 180 to 230 g on average. Individual fruit are small, egg-shaped, and yellowish-green to amber-yellow color, with thin transparent skin, often covered with tiny black dots. The pulp is fleshy and sweet. Seeds are underdeveloped or missing completely.

Sugar content is 22..30%, acidity: 6 g/l. The ripening period, from budding to fully ripe fruit, takes 160 to 170 days, with the total active temperatures of 3200°C. Sultana grapes are used to make several types of dried products – bedona, sabza gold, soyagi, etc. The grapes are also consumed fresh.

Black Sultana grapes. This is a very popular variety thanks to missing seeds. This is the sweetest variety, often used for producing black seedless raisins.

White Sultana grapes. These grapes form medium-sized cylindrical clusters weighing 300 to 700 grams. The clusters and individual fruit are rather dense, but the skin is barely noticeable on consumption. Eachindividualfruitis rounded or slightly elongated, weighing 2.5 to 3 grams, of black color with slight wax coating. Sultana pulp is very dense and crispy, with an incredibly strong fruity flavor. Sugar content is about 17 to 25%.

High and regular yield is the biggest advantage of this variety. Its large clusters, given proper care and annual fertilizer application, can be up to 1100 to 1250 grams. They look very attractive, survive transportation easily, and offer great taste qualities – sweet with a touch of sour and a hint of muscatel flavor.

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