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Tajikistan is one of the ancient pomegranate-growing areas.

Ripe pomegranate juice contains 12..19% sugar, 0.3..3% acid. The sugar content comes in the form of glucose, fructose and partly sucrose. Pomegranate juice is also rich in bioactive substances: ascorbic acid (5..12 mg%), folic acid (0.04..0.08 mg%), R..catechin and leuco-anthocyanic acid (26..46 mg%), vitamin P (150..200 mg%), B1 (0.004..0.036), B2 (0.32-0.27 mg%), tanning agents (1.0..1.1%) and pectins (0.1..0.3%) Pomegranate fruit are large, 8..10 cm in diameter and 200..400 g by weight, juicy with 1000 or more grains per fruit located in 6..12 chambers separated with thin film, 50-100 seeds in each chamber.

Our company offers pomegranates from October to February.

About Tajikproduct

Harif LLC was established in 2011. Currently we operate under "Tajik Product", "Sogdiana Fruit" trademarks, offering fruit and vegetables from sunny Tajikistan.

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