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Meyer Variety. Sweet Lemon.

Meyer lemon variety information

Lemons have been cultivated in Tajikistan since as early as 1921. Today lemon gardens occupy about 1500 hectares of land, with a yield of more than 50,000 tons a year.

Chemical composition: Lemon pulp contains significant amounts of organic acids (citric, malic acid), pectins, sugar (up to 3.5%), carotene, phytoncides, vitamins – thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid (up to 0.085%), rutin, flavonoids, coumarine derivatives, galacturonic acid, sesquiterpens, hesperidin, eriocitrin, eriodictyol. Seeds contain fatty oil and bitterlimonin. Fatty acids are also found in shoots and leaves (0.24%). The bark contains citronine.

The lemon’s peculiar smell is due to essential lemon oil present in various part of the plant. Key components of the essential lemon oil include terpene, alpha-llimonene (up to 90%), citral (up to 6%), and geranyl acetate (1%).

Meyer lemon fruit are round in shape, weighing 70 to 150 grams each, with thin bright-yellow to orange skin. The pulp is tender and succulent.

Tajik lemons are known to have thinner skin and richer flavor, which makes them highly popular abroad. The majority of the harvest is exported to Northern countries, such as Russia and Kazakhstan. The harvest time is end of October to end of December.

Comparison between an traditional lemon and lemon Meyer variety


Traditional Lemon

Meyer Lemon

Recognizable varieties

Lisbon, Eureka

Meyer (lemon and orange hybrid)


Many centuries

Introduced by Frank Meyer in the early 20th century

Market presence

Usually have no specific harvest season; a tree yields fruit throughout the year.

Seasonal. Mainly May through December in different parts of the world.


Bright-yellow, with clear texture, thick skin, pale yellow pulp.

Average fruit size is smaller than traditional lemons, more oval-shaped. Thin, tender deep yellow to orange skin. Dark-yellow pulp.


Pronounced acidic taste, no sweetness, cannot be eaten without making awry face.

Average acidity level, no harsh taste like in traditional lemons, softer and much sweeter taste.


Peculiar lemon flavor

Rich flavor with sweet notes.

Production areas

Practically in all countries growing lemons in industrial volumes

Only grows in parts of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Highly popular in the USA since 1990.

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