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Hussaini, or Ladyfingers

Called Hussaini, Chilikak or Chiligi by the locals, this variety is of Central Asian origin. Grown mainly in Central Asia and Transcaucasian region, the Ladyfingers is light-grey to yellowish color (some varieties are dark purple), with crispy texture. It is consumed fresh or dried.

LADYFINGERS is a high-quality, medium-maturity table variety of grapes, with medium-sized rounded three- or five-lobbed leaves and telianthous flowers. The fruit forms large cone-shaped branchy clusters on brittle grassy branches, each cluster weighing 400 g on average. Individual fruit are very large, elongated, cylindrical or cone-shaped, yellowish-green to yellowish-pink color and thin skin with light wax coating and crispy, juicy pulp. The ripening period, from budding to fully ripe fruit, takes 110 to 130 days in the vicinity of Dushanbe, with the total active temperatures of 2900°C. Hussaini variety is easily damaged by Uncinulanecator and has low frost-resistance of up to 25°C below zero.

BLACK LADY FINGERS GRAPES possess mild medical properties: they ease sputum is charge, relieve coughing and offer significant expectorate effect. They are often used by patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases. It boosts the immune system, increasing resistance to infections and offering a general tonic effect.

Ladyfingers varietyi sparticularly recommended to sickly children, as it contains everything the body needs for growth: sugar, minerals, potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus in an easily digestible form.

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