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Sughd Region, located in the Northern part of the country, produces 80 different varieties of apricots. The region literally drowns in orange fruit, this year being particularly fruitful. All around Khujand, trees are weighed down with apricots; farmers start drying apricots in the shade of the trees, laying the fruit on the ground lined with PET film, blanketing the gardens with solid orange. Dried apricots are used to make Kaysa and uryuk (pitted and unpitted dried apricots, respectively), most of them ending up in the Russian markets, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, before September. Tajik products are invariably popular in the Russian market, with local entrepreneurs shipping more and more each year.

Fresh apricots. Fresh apricot pulp is golden-yellow, like pineapple pulp, with a hint of orange. The texture is tender and somewhat fibrous, the taste being similar to a pineapple: gentle sweet and sour, with pleasant flavor and peculiar aftertaste. The fruit are very juicy.

Single-stone fruit comes in yellowish-to-red (“apricot”) color, round shape (elliptical or reverse egg-shaped), with a single lengthwise groove. The stone is thick-walled, with smooth or coarse surface. The skin is velvety, yellow to orange, usually with a bit of reddish erubescence on one side; the pulp is sweet, highly juicy or somewhat dry, depending on variety cultivated. The seeds are flat, reverse egg-shaped, and covered with thick light-brown skin, sweet or bitter. Each fruit weighs 5 to 80 g. The harvest season is June to August.

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